February Lunch Menu

If you would like to help support a child by providing breakfast, snack or lunch (please see the pre-calculated amounts below) please send your check in an envelope marked "CAFETERIA". to the school. All checks can be made out to St. Joseph School Cafeteria.  We appreciate all your support and love for the students at our school.

Breakfast, Snack and Lunch for One Student for 1 Year   $979
Breakfast, snack and Lunch for One Student for 3 Months $309
Breakfast, Snack and Lunch for One Student for 1 Month $103
Look for the second collections ( with pre-marked envelopes) at Masses next year!


Breakfast Menu and Prices

Volunteer in the Cafeteria

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 Meal and Snack Prices


Ice Cream Schedule
K - Some Fridays (teacher discretion)
1st & 2nd - Tuesday & Fridays
3rd & 4th - Wed & Fridays 
5th - Tuesdays & Thursdays
6th - Monday & Wednesdays

Hummus, Asst Chips & Pretzels, Granola Bars and Fruit, Peanut Butter Crackers

Students with Peanut Allergies
Please note that two of our available snacks contain peanuts:
1.  Peanut Butter & Cheese Crackers
2.  Oats & Honey Granola Bar
Also, the cookies that we are currently using have a peanut warning on them.  


How to Make Payments for School Lunches:
1.  Add money to your student's account using www.PayForIt.net. Sign up using the information and PIN you received during Round Up Day.

2.  You may send a check or cash to school:
      a.  Send ALL checks in an envelope, and have your student send it to the SCHOOL OFFICE. Mrs. Bodoh will pick it up from the SCHOOL OFFICE and add it to you students account as soon as possible.
      b.  Label the check OR envelope with the name(s) of students, their grade (i.e., 6A) and the amount you wish to put on each students account (if you are paying for multiple students).  This will ensure that the correct amount of money is added to the proper account.

If you have any questions call the cafeteris at 865-5200 before 10:45 a.m.  

Visit PayForIt.net and sign up for a guardian account. Once you have signed up, you can access this information at any time. It’s free to sign up and it only takes a few minutes! This website also allows you to put funds on your account for a fee of $1.75 per deposit. If you choose not to use the deposit feature, you may still continue to send money directly to the cafeteria and use the website to look up your balance. 
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